Recipe – blueberry ice cream


As much as I love making cakes and and cupcakes, when it comes to eating, nothing beats ice cream. Not even when temperatures outside reaches below -20 degrees Celsius would I say no to a bowl of vanilla ice cream, with some chocolate sauce and fresh berries… delicious!

Today I’m sharing a really quick and yummy blueberry ice cream recipe. Continue reading


Endless possibilities…

One cake...

I wanted to share this picture because it shows how small changes can really change the appearance of a cake. The cake is the same, but I’ve decorated it different ways.  For the first one, I used the same peony as the one on my mother’s day cake a while ago. You ‘ll find a tutorial for it here. The one to the right is decorated with two edible, homemade feathers. Continue reading

Green chevron and ombre cake


This isn’t a real cake. It’s actually just two jars covered in marzipan. I was (as always) in a cake making mood and it takes so much time (and calories..) to make real cakes every time. So I sort of cheated and used jars instead. 😉

Chevron and ombre has been quite trendy for a while and I’ve always found it pretty, but have never tried it before. Continue reading

Tutorial – unwired peony


I absolutely love peonies! They are so fluffy and beautiful and also very statement making on a cake. I bought peony cutters about six month ago and started looking for tutorials, but all of them required wiring. Since I’m not entirely comfortable with wire in my flowers I’ve wanted to find a way to make these beautiful flowers without it. I’ve made a lot of failed attempts but have finally found a way that I think gives great results! So I thought I’d share how I did it! Continue reading

Cake for mothers day


I made this cake today for my mum for mother’s day. Some of her favorite flowers are peonies and forget-me-not, so I wanted that to be part of the cake. And since I LOVE geometric patterns on the sides of cakes, I wanted to incorporate that as well. After about a year of making cakes I think I have found my style: a geometric pattern paired with some really feminine, soft flowers. I love those types of cakes! Continue reading

Tutorial – wedge heel shoe


Since I saw THIS tutorial on how to make a knit pattern, I’ve wanted to try making this type of shoe. And now, almost six months later, when summer is approaching, I thought it was finally time! I had planned on making a yellow shoe, but when I realized I had no yellow food coloring at home, and I was too excited to begin creating, I decided to go with orange instead. Continue reading

Tutorial – sunflower


With summer just around the corner I thought it would be nice to try making a sunflower. I think they are as cheerful and summery as a flower can be! Before I began I looked at some pictures of sunflowers. They are quite similar to gerbera daisies, but they have larger centers and broader petals. So I decided to use the same cutter as for my gerberas, but cut the petals off so I had more room for the center, and made them a little broader. I also put together a little tutorial, hope you like it! 🙂 Continue reading

Mosaic cake for my father


This is the cake I made for my fathers birthday a few weeks ago. I think that designing cakes for family members is the hardest; you want it to be something they would like, that’s fun to make and that shows how much they mean to you. I also think it so difficult to design cake for guys! I love flowers, frills and pastels and that doesn’t really make for a masculine cake.  So you can imagine that making a cake for my father would be quite tricky.. Continue reading

Tutorial – gerbera daisy


What better way to start off my blogging than with a tutorial? This will be the first of hopefully many tutorials and it will be for a gerbera daisy – one of my absolute favorite flowers. Since I don’t have and unlimited income I always try to come up with ways to make different kinds of flowers without buying new tools and veiners all the time. Continue reading