Mosaic cake for my father


This is the cake I made for my fathers birthday a few weeks ago. I think that designing cakes for family members is the hardest; you want it to be something they would like, that’s fun to make and that shows how much they mean to you. I also think it so difficult to design cake for guys! I love flowers, frills and pastels and that doesn’t really make for a masculine cake.  So you can imagine that making a cake for my father would be quite tricky..

Well.. the cake isn’t exactly masculine, but at least it doesn’t scream romance. That’s gotta count for something! And there’s blue on there too, so.. 😉

Here’s a close-up of the sugarpaste peony. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos when making it, but next time I make a peony I definitely will so I can share a tutorial!


I made the pattern for the sides using PowerPoint, then I printed it in several different sizes until I got one that matched the height of my cake. I then cut out the pieces, rolled out my marzipan and cut out the pieces in marzipan. I used a dough scraper rather than knife for cutting since it gives perfectly straight lines. I attached the pieces using a small amount of water. Since the pieces were so small, they held their shape when they were lifted, but if they were larger I probably would use Jessicakes wax paper transfer technique.

Thank you for looking


2 thoughts on “Mosaic cake for my father

  1. Vilken fin tårta och jag håller med dig, det är svårare att hitta “teman” till karlarna. Jag funderar på att göra pioner till en kommande tårta, har du anvvänt utsickare och veiner?
    Ser fram emot en tutorial!
    Hittade din blogga via Bakverk och fikastunder ocg lägger till dig på min bloglovinlista. Chokladtårtan såg superfin ut!

    • Tack Sofi för din fina kommentar! Vad glad jag blir! 🙂 Jag använde metallutstickare för pioner från kakburken och en tandpetare för att få till ådringen. Jag håller just nu på att göra en pion till mors dag och fotar alla steg, så en steg-för-stegbeskrivning kommer nog i nästa vecka!

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