Tutorial – wedge heel shoe


Since I saw THIS tutorial on how to make a knit pattern, I’ve wanted to try making this type of shoe. And now, almost six months later, when summer is approaching, I thought it was finally time! I had planned on making a yellow shoe, but when I realized I had no yellow food coloring at home, and I was too excited to begin creating, I decided to go with orange instead. I do regret not having the patience; I think it would have looked better in yellow… Well, well, I like the design, and I can always make a yellow shoe another time! 🙂 Here comes the tutorial!

You’ll need:

  • Exacto knife
  • Orange, beige and white gumpaste (or other colors of your choice)
  • Gumpaste, modeling chocolate or sugarpaste to make the structure of the heel
  • Toothpick or a pointy modeling tool
  • Template (found in the templates gallery)

1.. Begin with molding the heel. Use the pieces from the template called “upper sole” and “sole” as a guide. If you are wondering why I’ve chosen such odd colors: I used scraps from earlier projects and pieces of gumpaste that were a little dry. You won’t be able to see this later anyway!


2.. Once you’re happy with the shape; roll out beige gumpaste to 2 mm thickness, and cut out the sole. Glue it to the heel using edible glue or water.


3.. For the knit heel: roll out a long, thin sausage of beige gumpaste, fold it in half and carefully roll it together.


4.. Flatten it slightly and attach it to the bottom of the heel using a little edible glue or water.


5.. Repeat step 3 until the entire heel is covered. IMPORTANT: you need to roll the sausages together in opposite directions! So, row one: one direction, row two: opposite direction and so on.  Otherwise it won’t look like a knit pattern, but rather like lots of twisted ropes.


6.. Roll out white gumpaste to about 1 mm thickness and cut out the lining. Stitch along the edges using a toothpick or a point modeling tool. Attach the lining to the heel using edible glue or water.


7.. Cut out the shoe top, stitch along the edges, and attach it to the shoe. Support it with tissue paper if necessary.


8.. Make an orange, small bow using Jessicakes awesome pattern and tutorial HERE. Attach it to the shoe.

9.. Roll a long, thin rope out of orange gumpaste and attach it along the top edge of the entire shoe.

And you’re done! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that you’ll give it a go 🙂


Thank you for looking, and good luck!


14 thoughts on “Tutorial – wedge heel shoe

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  2. Just saw this tutorial through Jessicakes blog! Some of my favorite shoes are wedges and this is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for your great tutorial, can’t wait to go through the rest of your site!

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