Cake for mothers day


I made this cake today for my mum for mother’s day. Some of her favorite flowers are peonies and forget-me-not, so I wanted that to be part of the cake. And since I LOVE geometric patterns on the sides of cakes, I wanted to incorporate that as well. After about a year of making cakes I think I have found my style: a geometric pattern paired with some really feminine, soft flowers. I love those types of cakes!

I found this pattern on Google and liked it instantly; partly because I liked the look of it, but also because you can make it using just circle cutters, so no tedious hand cutting required! I took some pictures during the making as well and put together a short step-by-step description. It really isn’t difficult, but it takes quite some time to cut out all those circles! But I think it was worth it. 🙂

One of the most important things to think about when making this effect on a cake is that the cake must have completely straight sides and an even height. If the diameter varies then the pieces won’t fit together. So for this particular cake, it is extra important to take the time to ice the cake properly.

I covered my cake in marzipan but you can use fondant as well.

1.. Begin with rolling out the marzipan/fondant as thin as you like. Cut out a lot of circles, cut them in half and place them next to each other, making a straight line.


2.. Use the same circle cutter and cut like in the picture.


3.. Attach the first row to the bottom of the cake. I used a little water as glue.

4.. Do the same thing for the rest of the rows, only don’t cut the circles in half.


Later in the week I’ll post tutorials for both the peony and the forget-me-not (wired with uncooked spaghetti). Thank you for looking 🙂



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