Green chevron and ombre cake


This isn’t a real cake. It’s actually just two jars covered in marzipan. I was (as always) in a cake making mood and it takes so much time (and calories..) to make real cakes every time. So I sort of cheated and used jars instead. 😉

Chevron and ombre has been quite trendy for a while and I’ve always found it pretty, but have never tried it before. Since I am quite new to cake making I have so many things I want to try and so far I have tried other ideas instead. But I thought that it was now time to try it out, before it goes out of style!

Instead of making the traditional chevron pattern with straight lines I decided to use some of the border cutters I had at home to make something a little different. It was really simple, and I think that you can probably figure out how I did it just by looking at the picture!


As I mentioned in the previous post, I think that geometric patterns go very well together with something softer (flowers, frills etc.), so I decided to do these really simple ruffle flowers to go on the cake. I just rolled a ball of marzipan (you can also use fondant), flattened it, rolled a toothpick over the edges, and folded it in half and then in half again. Really simple, and takes about one minute per “flower”.

Thank you for looking!


3 thoughts on “Green chevron and ombre cake

  1. Thanks soo much for a lovely ides pf making a dimy cake minus d Styrofoam cake dummies. I do have a question for u though, how did u get the marzipan to stick to the jar and after u take pics what do ypu d with d marzipan? Does it get thrown away?

    • Thank you, I brush on a small amount of water on the marzipan, and that makes it sticky enough to adhere to the jar. I often do throw away the marzipan since it dries quite hard after a few days.

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