One tier cake with geometric print


After one week without making a single cake or cupcake or cookie or flower or anything I was today feeling some serious abstinence! So I made yet another dummy cake to satisfy my addiction 😉 In France I saw these lovely perfume bottles and one of them had a print that I  immediately thought would be perfect on a cake! And if you recognize the peony; yes, it is the same flower that I’ve used twice before. But I needed something and the peony was just sitting there, waiting to be used.. 😉 

Of course I took some photos when I made the cake so I can share with you all how I did it! The tutorial for the peony is found here.

For the base color, I used yellow, a touch of black and a little red. For the red color, I used a lot of red, a little blue and a touch of black. Here’s how I made the pattern:

You’ll need:

  • Cake (or a Styrofoam dummy,  or a jar like me!)
  • Marzipan/fondant in three colors. I used light peach, deep red and white
  • Circle cutter
  • Piping tip. The larger, round side of the tip is used to make circles, so it doesn’t matter what tip you choose
  • Dough scraper/knife
  • Gold pearls
  • A pair of scissors

1.. Cover the cake. You can of course use any color you like!

2.. Roll out white marzipan/fondant thinly and cut out circles. Attach them to the cake using a dab of water.


3.. Roll out the red marzipan/fondant and cut out smaller circles using the piping tip. Attach them with a little water like in the picture.


4.. Attach the gold pearls in the middle of each red circle

5.. Cut out red circles with the same circle cutter as the white ones, and then, using the same cutter, cut out the red shapes from that circle. Attach them to the plain white circles using a little water. Repeat for all the plain white circles.


6.. Using the dough scraper or a knife, cut out thin ribbons. Cut it to a point in one end, and then shorten it to approximately the right length.

IMG_0936 IMG_0937

7.. Attach it to the cake and, using a pair of scissors, cut it to the right length.


And that was about it! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, feel free to leave a comment, and hope you’ll give it a try!

Thanks for looking!


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