Typical Swedish graduation cake


As promised, here comes the post for the second graduation cake I made last week! This post is mainly for any Swedish readers who are interested in making a Swedish graduation cap cake yourselves! But before I begin with the quick tutorial for the cake, I thought I’d share some of my knowledge of covering cakes in modelling chocolate.

This cake was made for a friend of mine who is allergic to nuts, and therefore couldn’t have a marzipan covered cake, and who also isn’t very fond of fondant (not very many swedes have ever heard of sugarpaste). So this cake is covered in a mix of sugarpaste and white, homemade modelling chocolate. I used a 50/50 mix of the two. Using pure modelling chocolate I imagine would be very difficult since it has no elasticity, but mixing it with sugarpaste works very well for covering cakes. It gives a sugarpaste with a white chocolate flavor! If you use it for covering cakes, keep in mind that it won’t be bright white due to the chocolate, but rather a cream white. And that was all my knowledge of modelling chocolate! 😉

For the tutorial!

1.. A few days before making the cake: cut out all the letters, let them dry and paint them with gold luster dust mixed with vodka. Also make the little decoration at the front of the cake and paint it in gold. I used a mold from first impression.

2.. Cover the cake in white fondant/marzipan/fondant+modelling chocolate.

3.. Roll out a long piece of black fondant and use a ribbon cutter, preferably one with stitching, to cut a long ribbon for the base of the cake. Attach it using some water, and make sure the seam is at the back of the cake.

4.. Roll out fondant to the same thickness and using the ribbon cutter, this time without the stitching, cut out a thin ribbon and attach it just above the black ribbon. The color depends upon the type of education: I studied natural sciences and therefore made a green ribbon.

5.. Attach the decoration in the front with some water mixed with powdered sugar. The consistency I used was about that of toothpaste.

6.. Attach the letters in the front and in the back

7.. Roll out black fondant and cut out the screen. I used the cake pan I baked in as a guide for the inner edge, and cut the outer edge freehand. Place it on the cake board/stand

8.. Some student caps have crowns on top. What I did was I photographed it, printed the picture and used that as a template to cut out the crowns.

That’s it! If you try it out, good luck!

Thanks for looking!


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