Tutorial – red poppy, part 2


Here comes the second part of the poppy tutorial! It’s for making the petals, veining them and coloring them. Here is a link for part 1.

You’ll need:

  • Round cutters: 4,5 cm and 5 cm in diameter
  • Round piping tip (about 3 mm across) or daisy cutter
  • Flower and leaf shaper
  • Ball tool (I used the big one from Wilton)
  • Thin foam pad
  • Exacto knife
  • Aluminum foil and  a tall glass
  • Gumpaste in a red (bordering on orange) color
  • Luster dust (I used sugarflair’s egg yellow and red)
  • Poppy center (tutorial here)

1.. Make a flower shaper using the aluminum foil and the tall glass. Put the aluminum foil over the glass and press down in the center, then shape it to a smooth bowl. The diameter of the glass and the depth of your bowl determine the shape of the flower. If you want a more closed flower; use a smaller glass, if you want it to be more open; use a larger glass and so on.

2.. Roll out gumpaste to ~1 mm thickness and cut out a circle with the bigger circle cutter. Cut it like in the picture.


3.. Use the daisy cutter or piping tip to cut along the upper edge.


4.. Move the petal over to the foam pad and, using the ball tool, thin all the edges.

5.. Use the wide end of the “flower and leaf shaper” to make wide “veins”, all starting from the point on the leaf. Make sure you press hard enough so that you can see the “veins”, but be careful so you don’t break the petal.


6.. Repeat step 2-5 with other petal and place them in the aluminum foil bowl you made earlier (I used paper instead since I forgot to buy new aluminum foil..).


7.. Repeat step 2-5 twice with the smaller circle cutter, but cut like this picture instead.


8.. Put the smaller two petals in the “bowl” as well. Use tissue paper to make sure that the edges of the smaller petals don’t touch the bigger petals; this makes it more lifelike. Make a hole in the middle for the spaghetti (that the center is attached to).


9.. Leave to dry overnight.

10.. Paint the “veins” on the petals with the red luster dust: this enhances the shadows and gives more life to the flower. Be careful so you don’t overdo it.

11.. Mix yellow and red to get a deep orange color and apply that to the edges of the petals and a little over the petals.

12.. Brush some edible glue in the center of the flower and insert the center. Leave to dry, and you’re done!


Thanks for looking, and good luck!


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