A romantic cake and quick piping tutorial

Rose and piping

Oh how I love making cakes… Especially making ones just because I want to. Then I can just do whatever feels right, try new techniques and ideas, knowing that no one will be disappointed if it turns out terrible (accept for my self that is). This time I wanted to do something really romantic with some white on white piping and soft colors. I really love floral piping in the same color as the background; it looks so feminine and soft, subtle yet striking. 

I had originally planned to have the entire cake be in white, but once I had covered the sides I got the idea to have the top in another color. Since the sides would be white with white piping I thought maybe it would look too bridal with white tops. So I went for a soft pink, and then topped the cake with a pink/orange rose I made a few months ago.

I really liked how it turned out and it definitely wasn’t the last time piping on cakes, or covering it in two different colors!

I also took some pictures when I was piping to show you how I did it. It was actually quite easy, the most difficult part I think was getting the right consistency. Mine was a little too stiff I think… I guess it’s a classic case of “practice makes perfect”.

1.. I began with piping the outlines  for the flower. I started from the center and worked my way out until I thought it had the right size.


2.. I then continued with making the branches and then added the leaves. I made the ones closer to the flower a little smaller, partly since that’s how it usually looks in nature, but also because I think it looked better.


3.. Once the outlines had hardened a little, I started making the little lines in the flower petals. I wanted sort of the look of brush embroidery but made in an easier way. I had intended to use a very small piping tip (size 1 or 0) to make it a little more elegant and discrete, but it just clogged all the time so I gave up on that idea and used the same tip as when outlining. If you have any advice on how to prevent clogging in those super small tips, please leave a comment telling me how! 🙂


4.. Once you’re done with the flower; make some lines in the leaves as well.


And that’s pretty much it! Thanks for looking, and good luck if you try it out!



9 thoughts on “A romantic cake and quick piping tutorial

  1. Jag är lite havkass på engelska så jag tar mig friheten att kommentera på svenska 😉
    Wow, vilka “prylar” du skapar.
    Jag är otroligt imponerad och blir inspirerad.
    Kanske ska jag som mest bakar surdegsbröd våga mig på en tårta kanske 😉

  2. Hola amiga, yo tambien soy una fanática por la decoración de pasteles. Me encanta tu trabajo!!! La única forma que he encontrado para que no se me tapen las boquillas del 0 ó 1 , es usar el frosting recién hecho y batido con batidora, para que así no me quede ningún grumo. Espero que te sirva el dato!!!

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