Some luster dust advice..

Have any of you also had the problem with luster dust from sugarflair? They have those high and thin containers that are highly unstable. Each time I paint with them, I pour some color into the lid and take color from there. That of course leaves the containers open and if you as little as breathe on them, they tip over! Seriously, I think I’ve tipped them over like 10 times in only a few months.
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Succulent and lace cupcake


For a while now I’ve found myself loving succulents. We’ve had them growing at home for years but I’ve never thought much about them, until I started seeing them popping up on cakes here and there. From thinking they look odd I’ve now started to love their fat petals and the colors, ranging from purple to green and that lovely almost grey color. I’ve been looking around for succulent tutorials, but have found none, so when a tutorial was posted on CakeCentral I thought it was finally time to give these lovely flowers a try! Continue reading

Recipe – chocolate and tiger muffins


I have found a truly amazing cupcake recipe… It’s the one I used to make apple cupcakes a while back, and I’ve now adapted it to make both chocolate muffins and tiger muffins. I’ve made chocolate cupcakes before and they have always turned out a little dry. Not anymore! This recipe gives moist and delicious cupckes every time and it’s super easy too!! I’m still out sailing and even though the kitchen is about 2 square meter and I have no specialty tools, just a bowl, wisk, saucepan and a scale, it turned out great! From now on, it will definitely be recipe I use for vanilla, chocolate and berry cupcakes. No doubt! Continue reading

Recipe – Simple and delicious dessert


This dessert must have been one of the easiet I’ve ever made, yet it was also one of the most delicious! A super smooth white chocolate cream topped with cherries and oreos. It took me about 10 minutes of active work and the reactions from my dear family was great! My dad who doesn’t like neither white chocolate nor oreos loved it!

I’m out sailing at the moment so I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to serving, and had I been at home I would have used another type of glass… 😉 I think they would look super cute at a dessert table served in little shot glasses or similar! Continue reading

Quatrefoil cake with hydrangeas


When I posted the tutorial for hydrangeas a few weeks back, I also promised to show you how the cake I made them for would turn out. Well, as I was looking around CakeCentral I saw that particular cake was featured in an article there! I was very excited and honored and then realized I had forgotten to post it here… Well, to make amends, I thought I’d share a quick tutorial for how I made the quatrefoil pattern as well! Deal? 😉 Continue reading

Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries


Well, as you might have guessed already, this post is about strawberries. I made this delicious and very simple strawberry dessert last week and thought I’d share how I did it! To the right are thinly sliced strawberries, arranged like a six petaled flower, and on top is some vanilla ice cream. Then there are strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate and  some strawberry sauce made from the left over strawberries. Continue reading

Tutorial – hydrangea ball


I just love flowers! They are so much fun to make and you can also make flowers that don’t really exist in nature. I made this hydrangea ball for a cake I’m finishing today, and the color can’t exactly be found on real life hydrangeas, but it is the color I envisioned for this particular cake, and as I said, the point of making the flowers yourself is that you can choose whatever colors you like! 😉 Continue reading