Quatrefoil cake with hydrangeas


When I posted the tutorial for hydrangeas a few weeks back, I also promised to show you how the cake I made them for would turn out. Well, as I was looking around CakeCentral I saw that particular cake was featured in an article there! I was very excited and honored and then realized I had forgotten to post it here… Well, to make amends, I thought I’d share a quick tutorial for how I made the quatrefoil pattern as well! Deal? 😉

I used a border cutter that I bought for virtually no money on eBay. If you don’t have this particular cutter, most other border cutters will work as well!

You simply roll out marzipan or fondant to the thickness you desire, use the cutter to cut like in the picture, and then use a doughscraper or knife to cut across.

Steg för steg quatrefoil

Before I attached them I brushed them with pink and ivory luster dust. I used a little water to attach the pieces to the cake.

Thanks for looking!


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