Simple chocolate cake


The plan I had for today was to make a marzipan covered cake. My fingers have been itching the past week to bake and decorate, but when I had finished baking the cake and was about to frost and cover it, I had absolutely no clue what to make! Zero inspiration. And since it was a small cake and it’s soo good when it’s fresh, I thought: why not eat it today and make a new one tomorrow?

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Tutorial – soft pink ranunculus


Ranunculus… I won’t say they are my favorite flowers, because even though I always feel like it as I’m looking at one, I love all other flowers as well. So to avoid saying in each post that I’ve made my favorite flower, let’s just settle for that I love flowers. Looking at them, photographing them, and making them.

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Tutorial – chrysanthemum


This flower was so much fun to make! And compared to other flowers like peonies and gerbera daisies, it didn’t take much time either! I was inspired by the chrysanthemums in the kitchen window at home and tried to make as close a copy as I could, but unfortunately those flowers are now in the trash bin so I couldn’t take a photo of them together.. well, well.. 😉 Continue reading

Recipe – cherry jam cookies


I know that all my posts lately have had something to do with cherries, but I promise, this is the last one! 😉 I decided to make some traditional Swedish cookies, but switched the raspberry jam that is mostly used for cherry jam instead. These cookies are soft and crumbly and perfect if you want something smaller for a cup of tea or lemonade. You can even take two without feeling too guilty! They are also super easy and quick to make, so there really is no excuse not to make them! The recipe gives 16 cookies: Continue reading

White chocolate, cherries and strawberries..


.. is a lovely combination of flavors! My recent discovery of cherry jam has lead me to use it for mostly everything. The dessert I made today is just a variation of a dessert I made earlier this summer, but I substituted the cherries for strawberries, and added cherry jam to the bottom of the glass. It’s simple, looks lovely and tastes great! Continue reading

Tutorial – succulents, part 2 of 3


Time for another succulent tutorial!! I’m not sure what this one is called either but I know it exists in nature! This is probably the easiest of the 3 different succulents I made; you just have to roll sugarpaste or gumpaste into cones of different sizes and glue them together. Real simple, right? Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading

Oh, sweet cherries…


I just wanted to stop by quickly and advice you all to make cherry jam! I had barely heard of it before and thought that now that the cherries in the garden were ripe, perhaps I should try it! I made it for the succulent pot cakes and it was just absolutely delicious! It was paired with some dark chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream. I even put it in my yogurt for breakfast and ate it with vanilla ice cream for dessert.. And off the spoon.. too many times, but it was just soo good!

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Tutorial – succulents, part 1 of 3


I’m totally excited to share the first of my three succulent tutorials today! Seems like I’ve waited forever to post it (okay, it’s only been less than a week since I made it, but it feels like forever 😉 )! I thought I’d begin with my favorite, don’t know what it’s called, but it looks funny and was also the most fun to make! Continue reading

Small pots with succulents – mini cake tutorial


It was about two weeks ago, when I stumbled upon some lovely small, white, square pots with succulents that I got the idea to make these cakes. I haven’t made any “figure cakes” before and  have wanted to try succulents after my first and not entirely successful attempt, and this seemed the perfect opportunity for both these things! I made the flowers about a week ago and since I bought a new camera this weekend (I’m in love!) I’ve been too busy trying it out! But today I finally got around to baking! Since there are so many things to share about these cakes – three succulent tutorials, the inside of it and how to make the pots – I won’t be able to share everything today… So I thought I’d begin with the how-to for the pots in this post!  Continue reading