Tools I can’t be without

During the summers, I’m out sailing a lot. It’s lovely to be with my family, enjoy nature and relax, but it does come with a price… This summer, it’s five whole weeks that I have no access to my regular baking and decorating tools! 😉 The up side is that it has made me realize what are the tools I need the most, since they are the ones I miss the most.

When it comes to decorating, there are four things that I find the most important. First of all are circle cutters in a lot of sizes. You can use them to make lids for cupcakes, cut out cookies and make flowers like roses, poppies, peonies, ruffle flowers, water lilies etc. They are the cutters I use the most for sure! I was a little hesitant before buying them since they were quite costly, but I haven’t regretted it for a second!

The exacto knife is another of my favorite tools and I use it for pretty much all projects. It’s great for trimming petals like in my poppy tutorial (here and here), cutting out pieces from a template (like the high heel shoe and wedge heel shoe) and cutting pieces apart and be left with a clean cut.

Another one of my favorite tools is the ball tool (combined with the thin foam pad that is). It was one of the first tools I bought, and that too is used in most of my projects. It is great for frilling petals and thinning them, and I’ve recently used it to make faces in sugarpaste. In the beginning though I wasn’t quite as fond of it since I found it almost impossible to use! My petals just tore and it didn’t look at all as what I saw in the videos I had watched. But after some practice, I’ve warmed to the ball tool and now we are very good friends! 😉

The fourth of my favorite tools is the toothpick (can I even call that a tool? ;)). When making flower centers in particular it is an excellent utensil! If you roll it back and forth it can make the paste incredibly thin, and toothpicks in wood also makes the surface a little veined. In my peony tutorial, poppy tutorial and gerbera daisy tutorial, I’ve used toothpicks.

When it comes to baking, there is one tool in particular that I wouldn’t want to be without: the digital scale. It makes it so easy to measure ingredients and it turns out more exact. It also makes it easier when halving a recipe or using a recipe that gives measures in cups (I work with dl). It’s a lot easier to exactly get 105 g of flour than 1 ¾ dl!

Lastly, I think that pre colored sugarpaste in red and black just makes everything so much easier. Trying to color sugarpaste black… I shudder at the thought! 😉 It’s just messy and sticky, takes forever and leaves my hands grey for days! So red and black sugarpaste is something I always have at home as well.

And now that I’ve been talking forever about myself, I would love to know what tools you couldn’t live without! Tell me in the comments section!

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!


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