Tutorial – hand painted cupcake topper


I’m back home from vacation, which means I yet again have access to my regular tools and and serving platters! And when I found four apple cinnamon muffins in the freezer, I knew it was time for some decorating again! Yay! 🙂

I decided to use a new stamp that has handwriting on it, and after lots of changes of mind I decided to use the stamp to make some cute hearts! Although it took some time to make a heart, it wasn’t very hard. I made the eight you see in the picture and it was just enough, had I made another one I wouldn’t want to make anymore anytime soon! 😉

Of course I put together a tutorial for you! 🙂 Keep in mind that this is just meant as inspiration, you have so many options with different colors, stamps, cutters etc. But of course you can do it the same way I did if you want! 🙂

To make the hearts you’ll need:

  • Sugarpaste/gumpaste in any color (I tinted mine beige)
  • Heart cutter
  • Stamp
  • Medium sized fluffy brush and a slightly smaller, stiffer brush
  • Powder colors (I used dark green, deep orange and a light rusty color)
  • Gold luster dust + vodka or liquid gold color
  • Black gel color mixed with vodka + very thin brush or edible black pen

1.. Roll out sugarpaste/gumpaste to about 3 mm thickness and cut out a heart.

2.. Begin with your first color (I began with the rusty color) and apply it with a light hand in three dots like in the photo. Use the fluffy brush.


3.. Use the same brush and the second color (orange) to paint where you didn’t paint with the first color. Let some of the base color show through.


4.. With the same brush, apply some of the third color (dark green) to a few spots of your liking.


5.. Lay the heart with the painted side down on the stamp and use a book/lid or similar to carefully press the heart into the stamp, making an indentation.


6.. Fill in the indentations made with the stamp. If you use gel colors; add vodka until you have a consistency you can paint with and that you like.

7.. Dab some gold color on the heart, be careful not to overdo it! Use the stiffer brush for this, and don’t have too much color in the brush!


That’s pretty much it! The drying time will vary depending on the type of paste and the brand you use, but if you let it dry over night you should be on the safe side!

Thanks for looking, and come back soon for no less than FOUR succulent tutorials in the coming week/weeks! And good luck with your hand painted cupcake toppers!



8 thoughts on “Tutorial – hand painted cupcake topper

  1. As a scrapbooker, when i hear stamps I think of the rubber stamps, are you using rubber stamps or plastic stamps for cake making? Your cupcake look delicious!

    • Thanks Dee! 🙂 Yes, I used rubber stamps. I bought plastic ones about a year ago but the gel colors just gathered in little drops, so now I tried with rubber stamps instead! The color stayed where I put it but dried too quickly so I couldn’t stamp the way you’re “supposed to” anyways, so I guess either way would work!

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