Tutorial – succulents, part 3 of 3


And now we’ve come to the last succulent tutorial (for this time at least!). It probably won’t come as a surprise that I have no clue regarding the name of the flower either.. But anyway, here’s the tutorial:

You’ll need:

  • Light turquoise gumpaste/sugarpaste
  • Ball toll
  • Thick foam pad
  • Edible glue + brush
  • Medium size, fluffy brush
  • Rust colored luster dust
  • White luster dust

1.. Roll seven or eight balls of gumpaste/sugarpaste, roll them into cones and flatten to approx. 2 mm.

2.. Move them to the foam pad and cup them by pressing down carefully with the ball tool


3.. Arrange the petals in a ring and make a circle out of sugarpaste/gumpaste that matches the size of the circle. Attach the petals to the circle using edible glue.


4.. Make another 6-7 petals of the same size and attach them as well. Place them closer to the center than the first row.

5.. Make three petals of the same size as previous steps. Arrange them in a circle like in the picture. If your petals are very small, this might be a bit tricky, so consider it when choosing the size of your petals!


6.. Make another 4 petals and arrange them like in the picture, and then place the bud you made in step 5 on top. Attach it using edible glue.


7.. Now glue the two pieces together and use tissue paper to support the petals.


8.. Once the flower has dried, brush white luster dust over each petal, then apply the rust colored luster dust to the tips of each petal.


And that’s it for the succulent tutorials! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did, and if you make one, don’t hesitate to share a picture! 🙂

Thanks for looking, and check back soon for a tutorial on how to frost a square mini cake.


8 thoughts on “Tutorial – succulents, part 3 of 3

  1. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I love doing gum paste flowers and find your explanation easy and informative. I am so happy I found your blog.

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