Simple chocolate cake


The plan I had for today was to make a marzipan covered cake. My fingers have been itching the past week to bake and decorate, but when I had finished baking the cake and was about to frost and cover it, I had absolutely no clue what to make! Zero inspiration. And since it was a small cake and it’s soo good when it’s fresh, I thought: why not eat it today and make a new one tomorrow?

And since I didn’t want it to feel all alone and naked, I sprinkled some powdered sugar on top, piped on some fresh whipped cream and added a few blackberries. I then served the cake with some raspberries and more cream. Simple enough and a great way to end dinner! 😉

Hope you are all having a nice day (or night 😉 ), and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with another cake!

IMG_6153 (2)


2 thoughts on “Simple chocolate cake

  1. I like it. Sometimes simple is the best. Have a wonderful day or an end to one, can’t remember where you write from.

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