Video tutorial – gerbera daisy

IMG_8476 (2)-001

What a journey this has been… Getting the camera to work with me, editing all those pieces of film, adding text, finding music.. The camera and I are good friends when it comes to photography, and I love photographing animals and nature! But when it came to filming it was determined to give me a hard time..

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Recipe – cupcakes with salted chocolate buttercream


Yummy, yummy chocolate cupcakes, with salted milk chocolate buttercream and roasted almonds.. When I made salted buttercream for the first time it was simply because I only had salted butter at home and didn’t wan’t to go buy the unsalted one. So I tried it out and LOVED it! I love salt in food so it only make sense that I would love it in sweets too! Milk chocolate with salt makes it taste a little fudge-y and Continue reading

What do you want to see in my first-ever video tutorial?

I’ve found that it’s very difficult to fully explain how to make flowers just through pictures. Each time I publish a tutorial I worry that maybe it wasn’t quite clear enough and that I could have said so much more.. So I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to start filming when I make my flowers and share some videos with you guys instead! I just have to figure out how to place the camera and how to record films with it! 😉 But it shouldn’t be too difficult! Continue reading

4 months of blogging!

I can’t believe that it’s already been four months! Four months since I started this blog, not knowing if anyone would like it or visit me here. Blogging has become such a natural part of my life, and reading all of your sweet comments gives me such joy. A huge thank you to you all for visiting, commenting, liking and pinning! I hope to see you all in the future as well, and I look forward to sharing more of my projects and tutorials with you!  Continue reading

Recipe – Plum and chocolate truffles


This year I’ve tried to, as much as possible, use the fruit and berries from the garden in my baking. Usually the fruit is just left on the tree, but it feels like such a waste to let so much delicious fruit just goes to waste.. I’ve baked with cherries, apples and rhubarbs and now that the plums have gone from green to every shade of purple, it was time for them to be made into candy! Chocolate truffles to be more precise!  Continue reading

Recipe – lemon curd cookies


Have you ever been faced with the dilemma of what to do with left over dough? When I made Tosca pies a few weeks back I decided not to throw the left overs away since it’s such a waste of money and deliciousness! Since then it’s just been lying around in the freezer, and each time I open the freezer door the dough has been asking to be made into something tasty! At last the dough won and I picked it out and made some cookies with it. Not just any cookies.. Continue reading

Sprinkle cake!


This was such a fun cake to make. I usually worry so much about everything looking perfect that I’m rarely happy with the results since they are never perfect! All I can see are the imperfections and I regret making the decisions I made.. but that’s learning I suppose! 😉 With this cake though, I thought to myself that “it doesn’t have to be perfect” and it made such a difference! Continue reading