Tutorial – carousel cake

IMG_8584 utan skugga

This must have been one of my favorite cakes ever to make! And maybe the cake that I’m most happy with when it comes to appearance too! I saw a great carousel cake tutorial on cakecentral about a month back and I immediately knew I wanted to make one of those cakes myself!

It really wasn’t very hard to make, just a matter of patience. Lots of it. And planning too, if you want it to turn out as planned. πŸ˜‰ You do really need to make a sketch so you can measure the sizes of the tiers, and getting the proportions right. I’ve uploaded my sketch to the template gallery.

The two lower tiers are pretty simple to make; they are just two round cakes covered in fondant. I painted some gold letters on the base tier as well as embellishment.Β The trickier tier is of course the roof of the carousel, so I took some pictures when I made it so I could share a tutorial for it! πŸ™‚

1.. Begin with cutting the cake to the right diameter and height.

2.. Use a ruler and cut out a long strip of paper, and wrap that around the base of the cake. You will get the measurement for the height of that strip (as well as the diameter and height in step 1..) from the sketch.


3.. Make some shallow cuts into the top of the cake to find the center (picture above). Mark the center with a toothpick (picture below).


4.. Cut the cake into a cone like in the picture below. Make sure the paper strip doesn’t “climb” up the side of the cake.


5.. Insert toothpicks along the side at an even distance from each other. I chose eight since I found it to be easiest!


6.. Use a circle cutter to mark the “swags” of the roof. This will be your guide when cutting. You can barely see it in the photo, so look very closely! πŸ˜‰


7.. Carefully cut the cake, using the toothpicks and the cut from step 6 as a guide.


8.. Now you’re ready to crumb coat, frost and cover your cake in fondant! And then comes the best part – decorating!


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!


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