Purple and white peony


I took so many photos of this flower, so I just wanted to share a few more of them with you! 😉 Here they are! Continue reading


Tutorial – white and purple peony


I’ve been making flowers for almost two years now, but it has taken me until today to try gumpaste for the first time. I’ve always found it too expensive and thought that sugarpaste, at just a fourth of the price, worked just fine. But recently I’ve felt that the sugarpaste has limited my options and some ideas just haven’t worked because

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Recipe – chocolate and strawberry mousse cake


Today I tried a lot of new things! I made a mousse cake, I made brownies (no, I’ve never baked brownies before…) and I made jelly. I’ve only ever eaten brownies in coffee shops and have always found them to be a bit dry and uninteresting. Well, these brownies totally changed my mind about that! They tasted wonderful and were both soft and a little chewy. I really think you should try this recipe – I loved it! Continue reading

Brown, red and gold ruffle cake


I’ve been wanting to try a ruffle cake for a long time now and finally got around to doing it! It was really a lot of fun and although a little time consuming, I enjoyed ever second of making it! 🙂 I painted the edges with gold luster dust mixed with vodka to highlight the ruffles and topped the cake with the chrysanthemum from earlier this week and a couple of roses made in the same way as the mini roses here. Here comes a bunch of photos! 🙂 Continue reading

Tutorial – chrysanthemum without cutters


When I made mini roses out of modelling chocolate last week there was quite a lot of left overs so I spent this Friday afternoon making this red chrysanthemum flower with it. It was a lot of fun and the modelling chocolate worked surprisingly well for making flowers! Continue reading