Tutorial – chrysanthemum without cutters


When I made mini roses out of modelling chocolate last week there was quite a lot of left overs so I spent this Friday afternoon making this red chrysanthemum flower with it. It was a lot of fun and the modelling chocolate worked surprisingly well for making flowers! The best thing about it compared to sugar paste was that the petals could support themselves so I could make the entire flower without supporting it with anything or having to wait for the layers to dry. This definitely wasn’t my last flower made from chocolate! I made it without cutters since I think that it gives it a more realistic look since the petals then become a little different in size and shape. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Red modelling chocolate
  • Thin foam pad
  • Flower/leaf shaper
  • Black powder colors

1.. Roll a ball out of modelling chocolate. Mine was approximately 3 cm across, but you can make it larger or smaller if you want! Just keep in mind that the amount of rows will be different if you choose a different size flower!

2.. Roll a long, thin sausage out modelling chocolate, about 2 mm across. Cut it into even pieces.


3.. Roll one edge of each piece to a point and attach them on the ball. Leave a small space in the center.


4.. Repeat step 2-3 until your flower has 3-4 rows.


5.. Add another two rows of petals, but this time; flatten them on the foam pad using the the fat part of the flower/leaf shaper.

IMG_9901 IMG_9906

6.. Add another row of petals of the same size, but this time, leave some space between this row and the previous.


7.. Now you can gradually increase the size of the petals by rolling the sausage a little thicker each time. Continue adding petals until you’re happy with the size.


8.. Paint the center with black luster dust, and you’re done!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that you’ll give it a try! If you have any questions, you can leave them in a comment below.

Thanks for watching, and good luck!



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