Tutorial – white and purple peony


I’ve been making flowers for almost two years now, but it has taken me until today to try gumpaste for the first time. I’ve always found it too expensive and thought that sugarpaste, at just a fourth of the price, worked just fine. But recently I’ve felt that the sugarpaste has limited my options and some ideas just haven’t worked because

of the thickness of the paste etc. So this week I finally decided to buy some gumpaste to see how it feels, and I loved it! The elasticity, the drying time, the look and feel of it.. I am smitten. Never will I make flowers in sugarpaste again! 😉

My first flower in gumpaste was this white and purple peony. I was inspired by this gorgeous flower. It took almost six hours from start to finish, but it was worth it! It took a lot of time and patience, but I quite liked being able to spend the afternoon quietly thinning and painting my petals, not having to do or think about anything. But let’s get to that tutorial, shall we?

NOTE: For the white petals, I used these three petals from a poinsettia cutter set by JEM cutters. If you don’t have that set, you can use other similar cutters, just be sure they are pointy at the top.


You’ll need:

  • Round cutter, approx 3-4 cm across
  • 3 cutters in the poinsettia cutter set by JEM Cutters (above)
  • Veining stick
  • Ball tool
  • Thin foam pad
  • Exacto knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • Large drinking glass
  • Purple and white gumpaste
  • Burgundy, purple and white luster dust
  • Edible glue

1.. Shape the aluminum foil over the glass into a bowl.


2.. Roll out white gumpaste as thin as possible. Begin with the largest of the three poinsettia cutters, and cut out some petals. Put them in a zip-lock bag to prevent them from drying out.

3.. Put the petals on the foam pad one by one and thin the edges using the ball tool. Twist the top part of the petals a little. Don’t try to make them all look the same!


4.. Arrange the petals in the “bowl”, attaching them to each other using edible glue. Continue doing this until your center is big and fluffy. Support the petals with tissue paper if necessary and change the petal size when you need to.


5.. Also make some thin petals by cutting triangles from gumpaste and thinning them. Put these thin petals here and there as you make the white center.


6.. Once your center is done; let it dry for an hour or two until hard before moving on to the next step.

7.. Roll out purple gumpaste as thin as possible and cut out 7 circles. Put them in the zip-lock bag.

8.. Take them out one at a time, make a cut into each petal and vein by rolling the veining stick back and forth. Put the petal on a spoon and leave to dry.

9.. Repeat with six of the petals.

IMG_0978 (2)

10.. Apply luster dust to each petal and leave them to dry until they can hold their shape. For me, they were dry enough once I had applied the luster dust.

IMG_0988 (2)

11.. Put the 7th petal on a flat surface, brush glue on it, and add the six petals you just made.


12.. Add the white center on top.

13.. Repeat step 7-11 but this time, instead of assembling the petals on a flat surface; assemble on top of the aluminum bowl you made earlier (put the bowl upside down first!).

14.. Place the part you made in step 12 on top of these petals and leave to dry until completely hardened.

Thank you for looking, and hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making this flower. Good luck!



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