Tutorial – gingerbreadhouse


Less than a week until Christmas! How crazy is that!? I’m guessing I’m not the only one spending all free time baking? 😉 So I’m  just stopping by quickly to share some pictures and instructions for the gingerbread house I made yesterday. If anything is unclear, leave a comment and I’ll answer as well as I can! I found the template here and it is amazing, very well made and the pieces fit together so well! Continue reading


This years’ gingerbread house


I spent about 10 hours today working on this gingerbread house! I’ll post a link to the template I used along with some photos of the process tomorrow, here’s just a bunch of photos! 🙂 Continue reading

Recipe – saffron and white chocolate truffles


When I made my gingerbread truffles yesterday I also made these delicious saffron and white chocolate truffles. I was inspired by a Swedish recipe found here. In Sweden, saffron is an often used spice during the holiday season – saffron buns, saffron muffins, saffron desserts – you get the picture! 😉 So these truffles are really Christmas-y for me! Continue reading

Recipe – gingerbread chocolate truffles


I love truffles! Easy to make – delicious to eat! From start to finish it takes a few hours because of cooling time, but actively working on them is probably less than 30 minutes! And that creamy, smooth texture is impossible not to love! These gingerbread truffles are perfect for Christmas and are difficult to stop eating! 😉

Continue reading

Tutorial – lace trees


I thought I’d stop by quickly to share this lace tree tutorial. I was inspired by the lace doilies I made earlier this year and wanted to make something similar with a winter-y twist. They are quite easy and quick to make and would be pretty as cupcake toppers or on top of a cake! For this tree I used a small, round piping tip but you can use any tips you like! Check out my lace doily tutorial here for inspiration! Here’s the tutorial! Continue reading