Recipe – saffron and white chocolate truffles


When I made my gingerbread truffles yesterday I also made these delicious saffron and white chocolate truffles. I was inspired by a Swedish recipe found here. In Sweden, saffron is an often used spice during the holiday season – saffron buns, saffron muffins, saffron desserts – you get the picture! 😉 So these truffles are really Christmas-y for me! I made these truffles in the same, small size as the gingerbread truffles, and here’s the recipe!

For 20-60 truffles

200 g high quality white chocolate

75 g heavy cream

20 g honey

0,5 g saffron

Powdered sugar

1.. Chop the chocolate finely and put in a bowl.

2.. Put heavy cream and honey in a saucepan. Add about half of the saffron.

3.. Bring to a boil and then pour the cream over chocolate. Let sit for five minutes before stirring into a smooth truffle.

4.. Add small amounts of saffron at a time until you like the taste of the truffle. I like it best subtle, but you still want the taste of saffron to be more prominent than the white chocolate.

5.. Leave your truffle to cool in room temperature.

6.. Once the truffle is hard enough to pipe; pipe “balls” onto a piece of parchment. Let cool some more until the surface is hard and not sticky to the touch.


7.. Put the powdered sugar in a shallow dish and roll your balls in it. Mine were, as you can see, more like pyramids, so I quickly shaped them to more a ball shape with my fingers before rolling.


Thanks for stopping by, and hope you will give these lovely little truffles a go! 🙂



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