Tutorial – open purple tulip


Making the tulip yesterday was so much fun that I had to make another one today! And as promised, I took lots of photos and put this tutorial together for you! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Purple, yellow and black gumpaste
  • White and blue petal dust
  • Edible glue
  • The second largest 6 petal cutter from a set of Wilton cutters (you’ll see which below) (or similar cutter, 9,5 cm across)
  • Exacto knife
  • Flower/leaf veiner
  • Shell tool
  • Rolling pin
  • Aluminum foil
  • Spaghetti
  • Optional: square cutter and flower impression mat from Wilton

1.. Make a flower shaper from aluminum foil. This determines how open/closed your flower will be.

2.. Roll out purple gumpaste as thinly as you can.


3.. Cut out a flower. Use the square cutter to remove three petals. If you don’t have a square cutter, you can use a regular paper as a guide and cut using the exacto knife instead!


4.. Use the exacto knife to round off the sharp edges, and cut a “dip” into the top of each petal.


5.. Use the shell tool to vein the petals. Press pretty hard; if the veins aren’t deep enough, you won’t be able to see them very well if the lighting isn’t perfect!


6.. Thin the petals a little, just be careful so they don’t get too frilly.


7.. Use a flower/leaf veiner to make two distinct veins in the middle of each petal.


8.. Put the flower in the aluminum flower shaper to dry.


9.. Cut out another flower. Find the center, and cut three petals like in the picture.


10.. Use the exacto knife to round off the sharp edges, and cut a “dip” into the top of each petal.


11.. Vein and frill the petals, see step 5-7!


12.. Glue these petals to the other three. Place the petals in the spaces between the previous three (I forgot to take a picture of this, but in step 19 you’ll see how!)

13.. Take a piece of yellow gumpaste and roll like in the picture.


14.. Brush some glue on the spaghetti and press it into the yellow roll. Pinch 4 ridges to the top of the roll.


15.. Put to the side and roll six small balls of black gumpaste.


16.. Roll them into small sausages.


17.. OPTIONAL: Roll the sausages in one of the flower center molds, pressing down a little, to give them some structure.

IMG_0745 IMG_0746 IMG_0748

18.. Attach the black sausages to the yellow piece. Leave it to dry.


19.. Paint the center of the flower with white luster dust using a fluffy brush. Always start from the center and paint outwards!


20.. Paint a blue “star” in the center, use a stiff brush. Use a toothpick to make a hole in the center of the flower and through the aluminum foil.


21.. Once the petals and center have dried, brush some glue around the hole and insert the spaghetti. Leave until the glue has dried.

Note that the area of contact between the center and the petals will be very small, and the glue isn’t that strong, so they might loosen from each other. So always carry the flower by holding the petals, not the spaghetti!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’ll try it out! If you enjoyed this tutorial, I’d be very happy if you’d want to share it, so more people can find their way here! Good luck!



9 thoughts on “Tutorial – open purple tulip

  1. Du är så duktig på att få till fina blommor!!
    Jag måste ta mod till mig och försöka snart, ska bara hitta tid och tålamod och framför allt en stund för mig själv för jag misstänker att en klängig 2,5 åring inte är ett bra moment i skapande processen 😉

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