IMG_7969 (2)ABOUT ME

Before the cake passion of mine started, I wasn’t at all interested in cakes. I baked once or twice a year, had barley heard of cupcakes, never of fondant and had no clue that there were such amazing cake makers out there. Three years ago, I started watching Cake Boss on TV and slowly realized I too could try making a cake. The first one was a blue, quite ugly looking little cake, full of bumps and imperfections, but I did not quit. Curiosity grew to obsession, and now I can hardly believe that there was a time when I didn’t like to bake! I have no formal training, but have learned everything I know from TV-shows, cookbooks and blogs. As a person, I’m a Swedish law student, who loves irony, living in a yellow house in the suburbs of Stockholm. And my name is Sara.



Before the blog, I shared photos of all my baking on my Facebook page, and felt each time that I had so much to say: something I had learned, how I made something, a yummy recipe. When I got to share a tutorial for a sugar shoe on CakeCentral, it was such a lovely feeling and I knew I wanted to do it again! The thought arose to start a blog. A Thursday afternoon was when it finally happened! The purpose is to share as much as I possibly can, and my hope is that on finishing reading a post you will know how everything was made. And since I desire this to be a place to learn, you can feel free to share your own experiences and tips in a comment! I hope you will enjoy your visit here, and that you’ll be back soon! PS. “tarttokig” is the Swedish word for “cake maniac”!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Have recently discovered your Blog Sara, I absolutely love your posts, recipes and tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with the world. I have been baking and decorating for over 30 years, but am still learning new things and I love your Blog/ Facebook page. Wendy!

    • Oh thank you so much Wendy!! I’m so happy to hear you like it! I haven’t been doing this for so long but that’s what I really love about this hobby – you never stop learning! There are always new exciting recipes or new decorating ideas out there! 😀

  2. Hi, Sara! I came across your blog from Facebook. Love your blog 🙂 ! And also I have the same passion for cakes and baking, so I am totally going to be one of your followers 🙂

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