Peach and raspberry muffins

Peach raspberry

I made these yummy muffins a few weeks back, wanting to make something fresh and summery. These muffins are baked with lots of peach juice, fresh peaches and raspberries and are topped with a delicious peach and mascarpone cream.  Continue reading


Video tutorial – piped buttercream roses


When I made these cupcakes a few weeks back, I also made a video tutorial for them, which I have completely forgotten to share with you! But here it is, I hope you’ll enjoy it and that you’re having a great October! 😀

Continue reading

Recipe – cupcakes with salted chocolate buttercream


Yummy, yummy chocolate cupcakes, with salted milk chocolate buttercream and roasted almonds.. When I made salted buttercream for the first time it was simply because I only had salted butter at home and didn’t wan’t to go buy the unsalted one. So I tried it out and LOVED it! I love salt in food so it only make sense that I would love it in sweets too! Milk chocolate with salt makes it taste a little fudge-y and Continue reading

Tutorial – hand painted cupcake topper


I’m back home from vacation, which means I yet again have access to my regular tools and and serving platters! And when I found four apple cinnamon muffins in the freezer, I knew it was time for some decorating again! Yay! 🙂

I decided to use a new stamp that has handwriting on it, and after lots of changes of mind I decided to use the stamp to make some cute hearts! Continue reading

Succulent and lace cupcake


For a while now I’ve found myself loving succulents. We’ve had them growing at home for years but I’ve never thought much about them, until I started seeing them popping up on cakes here and there. From thinking they look odd I’ve now started to love their fat petals and the colors, ranging from purple to green and that lovely almost grey color. I’ve been looking around for succulent tutorials, but have found none, so when a tutorial was posted on CakeCentral I thought it was finally time to give these lovely flowers a try! Continue reading

Recipe – chocolate and tiger muffins


I have found a truly amazing cupcake recipe… It’s the one I used to make apple cupcakes a while back, and I’ve now adapted it to make both chocolate muffins and tiger muffins. I’ve made chocolate cupcakes before and they have always turned out a little dry. Not anymore! This recipe gives moist and delicious cupckes every time and it’s super easy too!! I’m still out sailing and even though the kitchen is about 2 square meter and I have no specialty tools, just a bowl, wisk, saucepan and a scale, it turned out great! From now on, it will definitely be recipe I use for vanilla, chocolate and berry cupcakes. No doubt! Continue reading

Recipe – Apple, cinnamon and vanilla cupcakes

Apple cupcakes-001

Growing up (okay,  I guess I’m still growing up and so I’ll have to wait about 10 more years before I can actually say that… maybe I should say “during my childhood”. Yes, let’s go with that! anyways,) my mom always made apple crumble pie with vanilla sauce during the summers. Together with rhubarb crumble pie, that’s the most summery dessert I can think of. Continue reading