Recipe – apple cake with cinnamon and almond paste


Hi everyone,

It’s been quite some time now since my last blog post.. There have been so many other things on my mind that I have hardly done any baking at all before today.

I hope you have enjoyed your summer as much as I have and that you’ll like the recipe I’m sharing today! It’s a light and airy vanilla flavored cake with apples, cinnamon and chewy almond paste. It’s also very easy to bake, absolutely delicious and pretty to look at! 🙂 Continue reading


Recipe – strawberry and lime sorbet


I’ve always loved ice cream more than any other dessert, regardless if it’s winter and minus 20 degrees celsius outside or a hot summer day. This ice cream is so simple to make, contains no eggs, is absolutely delicious and will be perfect for summer! I’ll definitely be trying this recipe as a base for other sorbets like cherry, rhubarb or raspberry! Here’s what you need: Continue reading

Recipe – cranberry and pistachio biscotti


I’ve got so much to do in school that I just don’t have time to blog that often, so I hope you understand why the blog has been updated a little more sparsely lately. It makes me so happy to see that there are still some visitors here and I’m grateful that you stay with me even though I’ve been so bad at updating! 🙂 The recipe I’m sharing today are for delicious biscotti with cranberry and pistachio. Continue reading

I’m still alive!

Hi everyone,

I’m just stopping by quickly to say that I’m sorry it’s been so quiet in here lately! I’ve had so much to do in school that I just haven’t had the time or energy to write anything… 😦 I have done some delicious baking though! I’ve baked the most amazing vanilla buns, chocolate cookies with buttercream filling and cranberry- and pistachio biscotti and I’m excited to share the recipes with you! I promise to post at least one of them in the coming week! 🙂

Recipe – “semlor”


I made these traditional Swedish buns – semlor – last week. I’ve never really been a fan of them but have dutyfully eaten one each year anyway 😉 But this year I found a FABULOUS recipe by Swedish baker Roy Fares and WOW! The buns were so soft and fluffy, the almond filling was perfectly sweet with a hint of cardamom and to top if all off – some delicious fresh whipped cream.  Continue reading

Recipe – raspberry and blueberry tart


This pie didn’t turn out quite the way I planned. The flavors were great, but, well, the custard turned out more like sauce than custard.. 😉 We can’t always succeed, now can we? (scroll to the bottom of this post to see how beautiful it looked once cut into 😉 ) Continue reading

Tutorial – camellia flower


It’s been quite some time since I posted a flower tutorial so it really is about time! 😉 I posted some pictures of this camellia flower yesterday and now I’ve put together a tutorial for it!

This flower was actually quite tricky since you want the petals to only touch each other at the base to give it a realistic look. So you probably need some gumpaste flower making experience or it will be quite hard.. But here’s the tutorial! Continue reading

Camellia flower


Have you seen Camellia flowers before? I hadn’t until earlier today when I was googling David Austin roses and found this beautiful image. They are absolutely beautiful flowers, almost like ranunculus but with a lot fewer petals.. So of course I had to make one out of sugar 😉

Check back tomorrow for the tutorial! Continue reading

Valentine’s day ideas!

Only a few days left to Valentine’s day, so I thought I’d put together a post with some baking tips for you! Since I haven’t baked that much that suits the theme, I’ve also looked through my favorite blogs for some more cute ideas! Hope you’ll enjoy these tips, and if you’ve already made up your mind on what to make, I’d love to hear your ideas 🙂 Continue reading

Recipe – spiced apple and walnut muffins


I baked these lovely muffins today! I used this recipe as a base but substituted some of the sugar for brown sugar, added some walnuts for texture and flavor and added chai tea. I think they turned out great; they were deliciously moist and not too sweet. They are topped with oat crumble for some extra crunch. 🙂 Continue reading