On this page, you’ll find link to the recipes on my blog.


Hazelnut mini cakes, recipe HERE

Brownie recipe HERE

Chocolate and strawberry mousse cake with lime, recipe HERE

Blueberry ice cream recipe HERE

Strawberry dessert recipe HERE

White chocolate cream with cherries and oreos, recipe HERE

Chocolate, mint and cranberry mini mousse cakes, recipe HERE


Spiced apple and walnut muffins with oat crumble, recipe HERE

Apple, cinnamon and vanilla cupcakes, recipe HERE and HERE

Chocolate and tiger muffins, recipe HERE

Chocolate cupcakes with salted milk chocolate frosting, recipe HERE


Cherry jam cookies, recipe HERE

Zesty lemon curd cookies, recipe HERE

Chocolate chip cookies with hazelnuts, recipe HERE


Plum and chocolate truffles, recipe HERE

Saffron truffles, recipe HERE

Gingerbread truffles, recipe HERE

Chewy chocolate meringues, recipe HERE

Punch rolls, recipe HERE


Cinnomon buns with vanilla custard, recipe HERE


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