Recipe – swedish chocolate balls with homemade nutella

IMG_8216 (2)

This is one of my absolute favorite treats! Butter-y, chocolate-y and absolutely addictive! The addition of nutella was, if I may say so myself, a stroke of genious. ­čśë Then again, what doesn’t get better with nutella?┬áBut that’s not all! Continue reading


Recipe – strawberry and lime sorbet


I’ve always loved ice cream more than any other dessert,┬áregardless if it’s winter and minus 20 degrees celsius outside or a hot summer day. This ice cream is so simple to make, contains┬áno eggs, is absolutely delicious and will be perfect for summer! I’ll definitely be trying this recipe as a base for other sorbets like cherry, rhubarb or raspberry! Here’s what you need: Continue reading