Recipe – swedish chocolate balls with homemade nutella

IMG_8216 (2)

This is one of my absolute favorite treats! Butter-y, chocolate-y and absolutely addictive! The addition of nutella was, if I may say so myself, a stroke of genious. 😉 Then again, what doesn’t get better with nutella? But that’s not all! Continue reading


Recipe – the best chocolate chip cookies EVER!


Alright, maybe that title was a little bold, but these cookies… I mean, where do I even begin to describe them? They are everything I want from a really good chocolate chip cookie! The edges are super crispy, the center a little chewy but not soft, it has a perfect amount of chocolate flavor and a touch of delicious roasted hazelnuts. I had difficulties taking pictures of these cookies because I just wanted to shove them all in my mouth! 😉 Continue reading

Recipe – hazelnut mini cakes


I baked these hazelnut mini cakes before Christmas and just realized I had forgotten to post the recipe! These tiny hazelnut cakes, with nutella frosting and sugared hazelnuts and absolutely delicious and perfect mouthfuls. It’s a beautiful combination of soft cake, creamy frosting and crunchy nuts. Continue reading