Recipe – silky smooth chocolate mousse

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Hello everybody! Today I’m giving you the recipe for my very favorite chocolate mousse! It’s creamy, smooth, chocolate-y and just absolutely delicious. But I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bit tricky too. But well worth the effort! Just make sure to read the recipe carefully in advance so that you know all the steps, because you have to be pretty quick. But before looking at the recipe, let’s check out this cake, shall we?

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Recipe – chocolate and strawberry mousse cake


Today I tried a lot of new things! I made a mousse cake, I made brownies (no, I’ve never baked brownies before…) and I made jelly. I’ve only ever eaten brownies in coffee shops and have always found them to be a bit dry and uninteresting. Well, these brownies totally changed my mind about that! They tasted wonderful and were both soft and a little chewy. I really think you should try this recipe – I loved it! Continue reading