Minecraft themed cake + link to great square cake tutorial




I made this cake a few weeks back for a boy turning 10. The parents wanted a Minecraft themed cake and so I made this square cake covered in lots and lots of little squares in green, blue and brown. Continue reading


Video tutorial – piped buttercream roses


When I made these cupcakes a few weeks back, I also made a video tutorial for them, which I have completely forgotten to share with you! But here it is, I hope you’ll enjoy it and that you’re having a great October! 😀

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Tutorial – camellia flower


It’s been quite some time since I posted a flower tutorial so it really is about time! 😉 I posted some pictures of this camellia flower yesterday and now I’ve put together a tutorial for it!

This flower was actually quite tricky since you want the petals to only touch each other at the base to give it a realistic look. So you probably need some gumpaste flower making experience or it will be quite hard.. But here’s the tutorial! Continue reading

Camellia flower


Have you seen Camellia flowers before? I hadn’t until earlier today when I was googling David Austin roses and found this beautiful image. They are absolutely beautiful flowers, almost like ranunculus but with a lot fewer petals.. So of course I had to make one out of sugar 😉

Check back tomorrow for the tutorial! Continue reading

Tutorial – gingerbreadhouse


Less than a week until Christmas! How crazy is that!? I’m guessing I’m not the only one spending all free time baking? 😉 So I’m  just stopping by quickly to share some pictures and instructions for the gingerbread house I made yesterday. If anything is unclear, leave a comment and I’ll answer as well as I can! I found the template here and it is amazing, very well made and the pieces fit together so well! Continue reading

Tutorial – lace trees


I thought I’d stop by quickly to share this lace tree tutorial. I was inspired by the lace doilies I made earlier this year and wanted to make something similar with a winter-y twist. They are quite easy and quick to make and would be pretty as cupcake toppers or on top of a cake! For this tree I used a small, round piping tip but you can use any tips you like! Check out my lace doily tutorial here for inspiration! Here’s the tutorial! Continue reading

Tutorial – white and purple peony


I’ve been making flowers for almost two years now, but it has taken me until today to try gumpaste for the first time. I’ve always found it too expensive and thought that sugarpaste, at just a fourth of the price, worked just fine. But recently I’ve felt that the sugarpaste has limited my options and some ideas just haven’t worked because

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Tutorial – chrysanthemum without cutters


When I made mini roses out of modelling chocolate last week there was quite a lot of left overs so I spent this Friday afternoon making this red chrysanthemum flower with it. It was a lot of fun and the modelling chocolate worked surprisingly well for making flowers! Continue reading